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Publish Efficient

Publish Efficient is reading and analyzing Facebook data to show you a simplified and powerful report of your social media interaction and efficiency.

June 2017

What is Publish Efficient?

PublishEfficient is a tool that analyzes your Facebook accounts and pages, then it converts this data to something much more powerful yet clean and easy to understand. 

Calculating marketing-wise data and letting you compare all the data by pages, dates, domains, performance and more.

‍Track and Compare

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” - Thomas Edison But how can you see where exactly you failed? Well, you can’t do that with the tools you have today. We’re letting you track every single aspect of your media interaction and then compare it with other dates, other content, other domains and other EVERYTHING. We made Publish Efficient for those whose passion is literally calculating success. You will be amazed how beautiful, easy to understand and important numbers can be when you see Publish Efficient in action!

A Library full of JUICY Content

Publishers must know that it’s a really hard job picking content that your followers will actually like and more importantly - interact with. This is why Publish Efficient crawls links published on Facebook and combines them with our own data to give you the biggest and most updated viral content database on the WHOLE INTERNET. We designed this tool especially for magazines, news portals, and all the other publishers who're target is to build followers interaction with their website without losing likes or credibility.Just set your search filters and start posting content that your followers will love!

Deep Analytics

Get access to data you didn’t even know exist. Compare anything with anything, pick dates, change reports sections and we’ll take care of the calculations.

Content Library

The only fully operating “content library” you will ever need. We crawl thousands of articles and combine them with our data to show you what worked in the past and what works NOW.


Your data is 100% safe with us, and you don’t need to give us access to anything except a ‘read’ permission to our Verified FB App so we could start measuring your data.

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